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John and Debbie's Italy and Ireland Trip ~ May 2001


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Rome, Italy

Our Itinerary

Donegal, Ireland
Florence, Italy Can you find us? Newport, Ireland
Pisa, Italy Strangest Picture Cork, Ireland
Venice, Italy Funniest Picture Dublin, Ireland

Irish Meal

Irish Pub Crawl!!
  Dublin WebCams Dublin 360 Views

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be a photographer and I own a crappy camera!!

Italian Republic
Capital: Rome

The flag of Italy is made of three equal vertical bands of
green (on the hoist side), white, and red.

A peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean
Sea, Italy is located in Southern Europe, northeast of
Capital: Dublin

The flag of Ireland is made of equal vertical green
(hoist-side), white, and orange-colored bands.

The country of Ireland occupies five-sixths of the island
of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located in
Western Europe, west of Great Britain.