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13 May 2002
02:01 PM


Hi Jack, Noreen here just got your photos fromn John, you look weel especially in the silly green hat!. I hope you all had a good evening together. All are fine here, Brian home for a friends wedding, here for a few days with Finbarr and all the gang. A big Munster Rugby match takes place in Cardiff next week the boys are all going, it is the final of the European Cup, we hope they will win. Kevin goes to the World Cup in Japan at the end of the month, we think half of Ireland will be going, the country shuts down whenever there is a match as everyone is in a pub watching them, John would love to be here at this time. Did I tell you that Kevin will be getting married next year, just as soon as I have the date I will email you, so that you can book your passage, I will EXPECT you to be here!!!.Also all the gang, Marrion Anne and John. I.m not too old to go to you so you can't be too old to come to me!!, I promose I will make the Sun Shine!!. All the best, keep the pictures coming, now that I am A Techno Kid at the right old age of about one hundred and two!!. Love to all Noreen, xxxxxxxx